Tuesday, August 4, 2015

TCU's Speech Police

Amazing! There is no limit to the outrageous things professors can spew out both in their classrooms and private social media. It is all free speech. At Texas Christian University, a student has been suspended for comments he made on social media.

Good Golly! You mean people still use the word, "beaner" to refer to Mexicans? That's what we used to say when I was in the 9th grade in LA. (I eventually married one.) At any rate Mr Vincent has apologized for using that word, as he should. He stands by the other comments, as he should.

I think the university has over-reacted and over-reached here. Granted, it's a private school, but I would bet you anything they have their share of lefty professors who rant against America, Israel, Western culture, and white males all day long. Unless they can refute that, TCU is guilty of hypocrisy.

I hope Mr Vincent ells TCU to shove that community service and sensitivity training.

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