Sunday, August 9, 2015

Obama Finally Beefing Up Border Security-Against Iraqi Christians

Hat tip Creeping Sharia and WND

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"Mexico isn't sending us their best and their brightest. They're sending us their criminals and their rapists. They're sending us people with problems-lots of problems. They're sending us their Iraqi Christians."
-Barack Obama

Never let it be said that President Obama isn't tough on illegal immigration. Here is more on his border crackdown-against Iraqi Christians who are asking for asylum.

Maybe these Iraqi Christians need to join a gang.

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Squid said...

Sorry Gary, I disagree with "Maybe these Iraqi Christians need to join a gang."
The Iraqi Christians need to get a ticket to Mexico and come up through the porous U.S. Southern border. It appears that Homeland Security has opened the border to all illegal aliens as the story found below will attest. Of course, the Christians will have to contend with the ISIS fighters who are already coming through.