Tuesday, August 11, 2015

NY Post Editorial on Backlash Against Chuck Schumer

It's not just us conservative bloggers and Israel supporters who are sensing anti-Semitism coming out of the White House and the left directed toward Senator Chuck Schumer over his opposition to the Iran deal. The New York Post has devoted an editorial to it.

This talk of lobbyists, wealthy donors, and dual loyalty is code language directed against Jews. President Obama should know a thing about code language, and he should know better than to engage in this kind of language himself.

I have been very critical of Senator Schumer over the years on a  number of issues, and surely will be in the future. I do not question his patriotism and loyalty, however. In this case, he is acting out of principle because he has enough common sense to see through this deal. Too bad more of his Democrat colleagues don't share his view. Maybe we should accuse them of having a dual loyalty in which they put the interests of their party ahead of the country.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

The New York Post is editorially indistinguishable from you conservative bloggers, and from the Daily News. Once upon a time it was the paper for people with a modicum of intelligence and common sense who didn't have time to read the tiny print of the NY Times, but since Murdoch bought it up, its been a cross between Fox News in Print and the Daily News.