Saturday, August 1, 2015

More Hillarymails-41 Marked Classified by State

Hat tip Squid

Classified, unclassified....

In the latest document dump of Hillary Clinton's emails, the State Department has retroactively classified 41 messages between Clinton and her subordinates. The Daily Mail describes the nature of many of those emails.

"One message concerned information then-Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman wanted Clinton to have before she took a phone call with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas." 


Of course, there are many, many more releases coming. If you read just the topics of these communications, it is obvious that they should have been classified at the time. Yet, they were apparently handled as if they concerned some embassy's 4th of July celebration and who they should invite.

Think of it. Hillary has publicly said that she sent no-no classified messages on her private email server. (There were apparently two email addresses she used- both on a private server.). Recently, she amended that to say nothing was classified at that time. Clearly from what is coming out, they should have been classified.

We also now know that in her entire term, Clinton never used the government server she should have used. Thus, logic dictates that Mrs Clinton would have us believe that in her entire tenure as secretary of state, she never-never- exchanged any classified messages with anyone.

Wow. That would indicate that she was nothing more than a figurehead secretary of state, somewhat akin to the Queen of  Sweden. We know better than that.

What is clear is that this woman ran the country's foreign affairs, the wars, the Arab Spring, terrorism, Russia, China, Israel etc on a personal server inside her home without the protections a government server would have afforded all as if she were running a high school.

If this were any other person, she would have disappeared from public view in shame and disgrace. But here she is merrily strutting from state to state as she runs for the White House all the while denouncing the furor as nothing more than politics.


Squid said...

Of course, some may think this is "Cherry picking". But, with the 44 + emails that are only now classified, and many, many more to come, there will be a need for an eighteen wheeler to cart all the cherries around. Of real concern is the fact that Hillary thinks the law is for others and not for her. Worse, if she actually thought that her emails did not need classification, at the time she sent them and they did need to be classified, she is ingrate of what is important classified information. Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to be the leader of the free world and she qualifies only to lead the "Barnum and Bailey" circus, or perhaps a penitentiary


elwood p suggins said...

If they should have been classified and were not, why did she not herself classify them properly before sending them out/on?? So much for "at that time".

elwood p suggins said...

Shades of Sandy Berger!!! He was, of course, a national security advisor to the Right Honorable President William Jefferson Clinton. What he and Hillary did separately with regard to classified documents is at the very least quite similar, and may even be essentially identical in the legal sense.

In that regard, in 2005. Mr. Berger was allowed to plea to a misdemeanor (unauthorized removal and retention of classified material, sound at all familiar???) rather than a felony and was sentenced to two years probation, 100 hours of community service, and a $50K fine. In addition, he lost his security clearance for three years and, to forestall a disbarment investigation by the DC bar, voluntarily gave up his law license.

Let's find out if AG Lynch really has any guts, or if the Chaka Fattah indictment was merely an unavoidable fluke.

Gary Fouse said...

And don't forget General Petraeus, who pled guilty to improperly taking classified docs home with him.