Thursday, August 27, 2015

Is Hillary Clinton Nuts?

OK. Any excuse to post this great photo which my friend Bruce sent me. (Thank you, Bruce.)

Maybe I should have asked this question 20 years ago, but I think it is a valid question and more people should be asking. Certainly, Hillary Clinton's bizarre behavior during this campaign should give many pause. Now consider what she told an audience today at Case Western University in Cleveland. She was reverting to her "War on Women" theme and actually compared Republican presidential candidates to terrorists.

Well, if anybody knows terrorists, it is Hillary Clinton.

 Image result for benghazi attack
Above is a Republican terrorist attacking our mission in Benghazi.

I seriously think this woman is unbalanced and not psychologically fit to be president of the United States. I think she should drop out of the race immediately and seek psychiatric care. Now what say you, Mrs Clinton?

I rest my case.

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Squid said...

Great comment on the psychologically unbalanced Hillary. Unfortunately, many of the 50% of Democrats who support her are either uninformed, low information people or ignorant individuals. Hillary and the Clinton (fraud) foundation has collected millions and millions of influence dollars from Islamist Middle East countries who:
-mutilating the genitals of women
-raping women repeatedly
-raping young girls and passing them around as ISIS fighters do
-forcing women to watch their children be crucified
-forcing women into carrying out suicide bombings
-cutting off the noses and slicing the faces of women
-using women as human shields in war
-shooting girls in the head for daring to proclaim women have a right to an education
-banning women from driving
-banning women from voting
-stoning women to death for "committing adultery" after they've been raped
-banning women from walking outside of the house without a male relative
-forcing women into arranged marriages where they are beaten and abused
-killing women in the name of "family honor"
-selling women into sex slavery
So, who is really the terrorist against woman. I do not expect a reply from Hillary.