Friday, August 21, 2015

"How Was Hillary Supposed to Know Something Was Classified?" Asks Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)-Dope

Here is another boffo Democratic defense of Hillary Clinton and her misuse of classified information when she was secretary of state. Senator Bill Nelson, (D-FL) asked  how Hillary was supposed to know something was classified if it wasn't marked classified?

"Nelson said if Clinton had received information that should have been labeled classified or top secret, the person sending the email would bear the responsibility of making that clear on the email. "If she is receiving something on a private email account and it has no designation, then how would she know that it is classified?" he asked."

Read this:

Sit down, Bill and let me break it down for you. If  a secretary of state were to get an email from one of her subordinates at State or from another agency, and it was talking about say, the campaign to overthrow Muammar Qaddafi in Libya, or the deteriorating situation in Libya after said overthrow, or the requests for more security in Benghazi or the attack in Benghazi, and such information was not marked classified, any competent secretary of state would know the information was and should be classified. Yes, the responsibility is with the originator, but it also lies with the facility that sends it. Furthermore, if any such document comes to light that is not marked classified, something fishy happened. Somebody removed the marking.

I worked in the US Embassy in Bangkok with DEA for three years. I worked at the US Consulate in Milan for five years. Our communication (cables in those days) was sent through the State Department communication system. I know how it works. You simply don't send sensitive or classified information in an unclassified format. You could try if you are the originator, but someone in the communication chain is going to come back at you and tell you that the information should be classified.

The bottom line is that Clinton kept classified information at her home in New York in an insecure server. She has compromised national security and violated laws in the process.

Got it, Bill?

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Squid said...

Vladimir Lenin once said: "A lie told often enough becomes the truth."

This quote tells it all. The sniper fire that Hillary came under at a foreign airport; A lie. Bengahzi was a video; A lie. "I did not send classified emails over the server; A lie.

Unfortunately for Hillary, the FBI and other three letter agencies will speak truth to the lies, to protect their asses and America, in that order. If the conspiracy reaches Huma and Cheryl, so be it. They deserve the same.

Hillary needs to go to jail. Hopefully, as soon as possible.