Friday, August 21, 2015

Hillary Clinton Didn't Really Think It Through According to Spokeswoman

Here's another questionable character who we can expect to see in the White House if Hillary Clinton becomes president. No, I am not talking about Huma Abedin, aka Mrs Anthony Weiner. I am not talking about the shadowy Cheryl Mills, both of whom are linked themselves to the email gate controversy. I am talking about Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary's campaign communications director. On Wednesday, she was interview by the Bloomberg News Service, and she gave this improbable defense of Hillary's use of a private email server rather than a secure (somewhat secure) State Department server.

"She didn't really think it through."

Read this:

So the secretary of state didn't think it through. So the woman who wants to be our next president didn't think it through. What else will she not think through if she becomes president? Is the kind of deviance and stupidity we want as our president?  She thought it through. She did not want her day to day dealings and communications for 4 years subject to Freedom of Information requests or Congressional inquiry. For sure she doesn't want all her months and months of emails running up to the Libyan massacre in Benghazi brought to public light. Nor does she want her emails dealing with the Clinton Foundation and the conflicts of interests she was involved with brought to light.

So she broke the law in a brazen fashion. Now she has to deal with the fallout.

Another person who didn't think it through was Jennifer Palmieri when she made that statement.

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