Wednesday, August 5, 2015

FBI Opens Investigation of Hillary Clinton

It may be way too soon to get our hopes up, but the FBI has opened an investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server while she was secretary of state.

Meanwhile, we learn more about the Clintons' charitable giving-such as it is. Half of the donations went to........

themselves! (For all the Dorothys of the world).

Think of it. We have a candidate for president who is under investigation by the FBI.


elwood p suggins said...

While the Clinton campaign is trying to pass this off as a "civil" matter, it is otherwise being fairly widely reported as a "criminal probe" or "criminal investigation", similar to those involving Berger and Petraeus, and we know what happened to them.

She has, after all, publicly acknowledged that she was very well aware of classifications, procedures, etc., so ignorance is going to be a difficult claim for her.

elwood p suggins said...

What in the world is it with the Clintons and their herd when it comes to classified information/non-secured computers??

In addition to the fairly ancient history of Sandy Berger and David Petraeus, on Bill Clinton's last day in office, he pardoned his former CIA Director, John Deutch, who was under investigation by DOJ (FBI??) for, you got it, having classified documents on his unsecured home computer. Sound at all familiar?? He obviously needed pardoning to avoid criminal exposure.

Now we have Hillary and her right and left hands, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. All three were under a Federal court order to answer certain questions and furnish certain information, under penalty of perjury, relative to e-mails, etc., by Aug. 7th.

Abedin and Mills, via their attorneys, did not comply with the order but instead advised that they would not, under penalty of perjury, answer the questions posed by the judge in his order. This would appear, at least for now, to be a tacit/backhanded way of taking the Fifth without taking the Fifth, and is certainly indicative of an admission of criminal behavior.

Mills' attorney(s) further advised that Mills had previously furnished some electronic datA to the court, "did not believe" that she had any pertinent paper documents in her possession, and had been instructed to destroy remaining electronic data on her server/computer by Aug. 10th.

Hillary, of course, did not even bother to respond to the court order in any manner.

And she wants to be Prez?? And Siarlys would vote for her??

Siarlys Jenkins said...

When did I say I would vote for her, elwood? I've been "Anybody but Hillary" longer than I can remember -- back to when her hubby was still president. I think I've said that if it came down to Trump v. Hillary, I might vote for her. Rubio vs. Hillary, I'd find a third party to vote for. Kasich v. Hillary, I might, possibly, vote for Kasich, but he'll have to show more of what is really inside him first.

Along with all the more immediate stuff that just show how arrogant and self-righteous she is, I think the first woman president should get there on her own dime, not piggy-backed on her husband's career. Also, her "Village" book was an abomination.