Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another Somali Refugee "Success Story"

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Yet another success story involving Somali refugees who our government has brought here since the 1990s as part of their refugee resettlement program. Three Somalis in Portland, Maine, refugees all, are charged with murder.

And they're still coming, Folks. Not only to America either. Europe has also tens of thousands of them, and they are reaping the "benefits" in crime and welfare.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Those Somalis were once the kind of oppressed refugees, threatened with death, that induce humanitarian minded Americans to demand that our government admit them to the USA.

Let in a few thousand Iraqi and Syrian Christians, a few of them will commit a murder or three also, and there will even be a few honor killings. (Probably no female mutilations, because nobody in the middle east does that except ISIS, who don't know their history. That's a mostly east African and occasionally west African custom).

Gary Fouse said...

Nobody fits the description of persecuted refugees more than Middle East Christians.

Gary Fouse said...

Minneapolis has the largest Somali community. So you have gangs, guys running back to join al shabbab and they elected Keith Ellison to Congress. Sure some have become contributing citizens, but we have imported a problem we didn't need. The Europeans will tell you the same thing.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gary, do you think we can't count? Keith Ellison was elected from a district with an overwhelming Christian majority, and more Jews than Muslims. And you want us to believe that he was elected by the votes of Somali immigrants?

(I'll let you in on a secret... refugees may be legally in this country, but they can't vote until they qualify for, and apply for, citizenship, and then, not until they are sworn).

Twelve years ago, nobody fit the description of persecuted refugees more than Somali bantu. (Read up on it... they were a despised minority, descended from people sold in the east African slave trade, threatened with death in the factional wars that Somalia had degenerated into...)

And middle eastern Christians have been raised in a culture entirely foreign to western notions of democracy, pluralism, etc.

Gary Fouse said...

No doubt some Somalis were persecuted and some have done well here. The fact remains we have a problem with some of them. Why import more criminals? Why import potential al shabaab terrorists?

Once you eliminate Japanese and Europeans, most immigrants who come here are not used to democracy. The Chinese are able to adapt. The Koreans can adapt. The South Americans can adapt.

As for voting, they sure can vote when they become citizens. That takes five years, remember. As far as Minnesota is concerned, they have been sending lousy politicians to washington for decades. Michele Bachmann is the big exception. Hubert Humphrey also.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fouse.

Why is it that when Legal Somali immigrants to America kill Americans they are referred to as "Muslim Murderers" but when Illegal Hispanic immigrants to America kill Americans they are NOT referred to as "Christian/Catholic Murderers"???

Gary Fouse said...


Both are big issues with me. The difference is this: The illegal Hispanic criminals are people who came here without our consent. As to the crimes they committed, their Christianity or Catholicism played no role. If they are murderers, I would bet you they are not church-goers, they were just born into their religion but didn't practice it.

The Somalis were brought here under a US govt program. We imported them. That was a disservice to the American people in that many (not all) have become gang members or al shabaab members. As to any criminal activity, that probably has no connection to their religion, but as to those who have joined al shabbab it does.

I see the point you are trying to make, but there is a distinction.