Saturday, August 22, 2015

American Feminists, Gay Rights Lobby, and Black Lives Matter: Three Studies in Hypocrisy

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

These days we hear a lot about the refrain, "Black lives matter". It has even become a movement with capital letters. Most recently, they have taken from protesting on the streets about various black men who have been shot and killed by police to confronting candidates for president, most notably Bernie Sanders in Seattle and Hillary Clinton last week in New Hampshire. Hillary, for her part, has used the phrase in front of black audiences to pander and try to gain their votes. Of course, we know that both Mrs Clinton and Sanders support the feminists and their issues as well as the gay lobby and their number one issue, gay marriage. Leaving the above two candidates aside, I take issue with all three movements in the US -not when they demand equality; I am all for equality. However, I find specific areas where these movements have been guilty of gross hypocrisy. It needs to be pointed out.

Let's start with the gay rights lobby. Let me state at the outset that when it comes to bashing gays or inflicting violence, I am solidly against that. I am grateful that the time has passed when they were forced to live in the closet. As for gay marriage, I never supported that, but now that it is the law of the land, it is time to move on. Perhaps, it is time for the gay lobby to move on as well now that their number one issue has been settled in their favor. Now they should start addressing the greatest human rights threat they face-at least if you are gay in the Islamic world. Homosexual acts are not only condemned by Islamic texts, but according to hudud sharia law (punishment for crimes against God), homosexual acts are punished by death. That is affirmed by virtually all the leading Islamic schools of thought around the world.

And that's not just centuries-old texts gathering dust. It is acted upon. In Iran, gays are hanged as part of their criminal justice system. And if you have been following the exploits of ISIS as they sweep across Iran and Syria, gays are being thrown off of rooftops. In Gaza, the same fate has been meted out to gays. (I don't know what the attraction is to rooftops since most would have survived a fall from 7th century rooftops.)

So you would think that gay groups in the US would be screaming and protesting in front of the UN and Islamic national diplomatic missions in outrage, right?

Guess again. Silence.

How about the women's movement here in the US? They are always claiming that they are not treated equally and demand abortion rights not be infringed. Yet, when do you hear the National Organization of Women and other feminist groups talk about the brutal and misogynistic manner in which women are treated in much of the Islamic world? When do they take to the streets to protest so-called honor killings-even when they happen in the West?

Rarely if ever. Again-silence.

Then there is Black Lives Matter. They would have you believe there is a wave of white violence being perpetrated against black communities across America. In fact, that was exactly what a young man told Ms Clinton last week in New Hampshire. Never mind that black on black violence far outweighs white on black violence- as does black on white violence.

But what does Black Lives Matter have to say about the thousands of blacks being murdered in inner cities every year-by other blacks? Very little. They would rather perpetuate the myth that blacks walk in fear of being shot by some white cop or other white racist who has invaded their community.

And what about the hundreds of thousands of black fetuses that are being aborted every year by abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood? Are they even aware that Margaret Sanger, who founded the predecessor organization of PP, was a committed racist, a follower of eugenics, who wanted to reduce, if not eliminate altogether the number of black births in America?

Not a word about this either.

Of course, we know when it comes to persecution of gays and treating women as chattel, the feminists and gay rights folks are not going to confront Islam. That would be politically incorrect to put it mildly. After all, they are considered another "protected minority" and we don't want to set off riots overseas now do we? Similarly, the BLM crowd will not challenge a woman's choice. Nor will they engage in any introspection that might force them to conclude that the turmoil we see in the inner cities is not all the fault of the Evil, Racist White Man.

All three groups have legitimate issues to be concerned about. It would be nice if they confronted the most serious issues they face instead of ignoring them out of political correctness.

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