Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Alan Dershowitz Opines on Obama's Fight for the Iran Deal

Hat tip JJ and Algemeiner

Alan Dershowitz is by his own admission in the below article a liberal Democrat who voted twice for president Obama. yet, he is concerned about the Iran nuclear deal-very concerned. While posing several serious questions about the deal, he scolds Obama for the way the President is attacking those who oppose it.

I don't often agree with Mr Dershowitz, who i still remember as one of the lawyers who got OJ Simpson off on a double murder that he clearly committed. (OK- that's the law of our land. I get it.) Dershowitz, like me, supports Israel.

Obama doubled down on Dershowitz's criticism when he spoke today at American University and compared Republicans to the Iranians who chant, "Death to America" in the streets of Tehran and other cities.

Really, Mr President? You want us to group Republican critics of your deal with Iran to those in Iran who chant, "Death to America"?

Maybe the President is forgetting that it is not just fanatical rabble in the streets who are making those chants. The supreme leader of Iran is leading them in those chants. These are the leaders that he made a deal with. And he wonders why Republicans, many Democrats, and liberals like Alan Dershowitz don't like it?

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Its not the first time Dershowitz has been wrong.

And to throw out an irrelevant past episode, Fousesquawk style, he was Leona Helmsley's attorney.

Its not everyone who takes a corporate jet to self-report to a federal prison, and then takes a helicopter from the airport to the prison gate.