Friday, July 3, 2015

Who Were We Giving Arms To in Libya?

Hat tip Eagle Rising

More e-mails have been released by the State Department, and it's looking worse for Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. According to the analysis given by Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox news, we were indirectly furnishing arms to some very bad people in Libya and Syria-in violation of US laws.

"I am convinced as are others who have looked at this -- and FOX aired this in a special Saturday night and several times over the weekend -- that a conspiracy existed between the president, and Mrs. Clinton, and Congressional leaders from both parties in both Houses others in the State Department, the Treasury Department and the Justice Department to get arms shipped to rebels in Syria and in Libya. And some of those rebels are members of organizations that are on the terror list and providing them with material assistance is a felony. So the arms dealers applied for and received permission from State and Treasury lawfully to sell arms to the government of Qatar and they lawfully did so. Qatar then sold, delivered, bartered or gave these arms to the terrorist organizations with the knowledge and consent of Hillary Rodham Clinton when she was Secretary of State."

Hello? Is this thing on? Is anybody out there?

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

If that lightly organized talking circle in Benghazi who started the protests against Qaddafi's rule had been a tightly organized central committee with a disciplined cadre to give orders to, ISIS wouldn't have gotten a foothold in Libya. Social democrats bungle it every time.