Saturday, July 11, 2015

UCSC Campus Paper Defends the "Highway 6"

University of California at Santa Cruz-Home of the Banana Slugs
America's Wackiest University

The University of California at Santa Cruz is home to the History of Consciousness Department, where 1960s radical Angela Davis holds court as a professor. It is also home to the Community Studies Department, where the little rascals learn all the new ways to protest and rage against the machine. The latter department was suspended a few years back due to lack of funding. (It seems protesting is not a money maker.) Anyway, it is now back in action.

Interruptions notwithstanding, UCSC still holds to tradition as the latest issue of the campus paper, City on a Hill Press, will attest. It features an op-ed about student activism, highlighting recent protests when:

1- Students disrupted a regents meeting prompting bubble gum chewing UC President Janet Napolitano to tell a UC regent on a hot mike  that they shouldn't have to listen to "this crap". (She later apologized, naturally.)

2 Six students were arrested for blocking traffic on a highway to protest higher tuition.

"Heigh ho, heigh ho
It's off to jail we go"

According to the below op-ed, the arrested and suspended students are now known as the "Highway Six"

"The Highway Six"

Here is an update from the court on the "Highway Six".

Meanwhile, back in the real world.

As I commented in the above reader thread, actions have consequences, and Napolitano (for all her other faults)  shouldn't have to apologize to anybody for what she said. When you start taking your clothes off to protest, that is crap. Shut down a highway and put people at risk? That's crap too.

If the little rascals at Santa Cruz want to question authority, maybe they should start questioning what they are being told in the classroom by a bunch of anarchist professors.

But they won't do that.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

UC Santa Cruz was constructed so that the little rascals would stay in their sandbox engaging in stupid protests over meaningless nonsense, having little or no contact with the real world. If they spent a year in the inner city, those who didn't become raving reactionaries the first time some little kid asked to see their watch and then tossed it to a bro standing 6' 6" and weighing 300 pounds, would grow up and do some really useful protesting that real live people would actually participate in.

This stuff doesn't even amount to Selma Envy. Its beneath that level.

elwood p suggins said...

Can you major in community organizing at UCSC, or is that a master's or doctoral program?? Just curious.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Whether you can major in it or not, I assure you that it is impossible to get a single one of them to come down the hill and knock on any doors or do anything of benefit to humanity. They are too busy surfing the web up in the hills, with Wi-Fi towers scattered through the forest glades, while banana slugs crawl over their legs.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Incidentally, the proper abbreviation for those with a sense of humor is LGBTQWERTY