Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Hillary Clinton "Interview" on CNN

Well, here it is. The Big Hillary Interview. Never again let it be said that Hillary Clinton is dodging reporters' questions. That issue was dogging her campaign stops in Iowa and New Hampshire, so what did Team Clinton do to put it all to rest? They go to a friendly news outlet (CNN) and drag out one Brianna Keilar to do the interview. Except it turns out that Keilar had attended the wedding of a Clinton aide.

So was this a softball interview?

Clinton played the victim card when it came to the question about her low polling numbers on whether she is considered honest and trustworthy. She blamed the right-wing opposition against her and her husband going back many years.

When asked about her e-mail practices as secretary of state (deleting some 33,000 emails) she said there was no law directing her on how she was going to communicate. She said, "I didn't have to turn over anything", and she went "above and beyond" what was required.


She had a legal obligation to make sure that all of her DOS communications were turned over to DOS custody. This was dissembling.

Clinton also misspoke when she told Keilar that she had not received any subpoenas. Wrong. She has a subpoena issue by Congress dated March 4.

The Clinton Family Foundation controversy?

Clinton said she was proud of the foundation and what it has done. She went on a long example about medicines the foundation had helped procure. She would not address the scandals.

And there was no follow up from Keilar.

Keilar: "Let's talk now about Republicans."

In regards to the Donald Trump (Mexican) controversy, she said that nobody in the Republican Party had spoken up in opposition and that the party is hostile to immigrants etc.

(Except that Jeb Bush is married to a Mexican immigrant.)

After saying that she was 100% in favor of comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship, she was asked about the recent murder of a woman in San Francisco by an illegal alien criminal who should have been turned over to ICE. She agreed that the man should have been deported.

Last two questions: Which woman should be on a currency bill?

Who is the better actor playing Hillary Clinton?

All in all, this was a typical Hillary tap dance with a compliant softball interviewer. Why was there no follow up when Hillary refused to discuss the Clinton Foundation? Why were there no questions about Sidney Blumenthal, Benghazi, and a failed Middle East policy that she directed on behalf of Barack Obama?

Softball interview? You bet.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Hillary Clinton was politically worthless from the first time she uttered that inane reference to "a vast right-wing conspiracy." Even if it was true, it was poor politics to allow your opposition the dignity of looking so imposing. And what she realistically should have called it, if she bothered to mention it at all, was "the puny right wing kaffee klatsch," or "the vapid right wing of the chattering classes." Well, she couldn't do that, after all, she's clearly the liberal wing of the chattering classes. The thing about the Clinton's is, they clearly care only about their own self-advancement. What positions, ideologies, or programs they have to advance in order to do that is a secondary consideration. (But don't call her "left." She's no more "left" than Gladstone).

elwood p suggins said...

Poor little thing!!! Took the usual victimization role, which is also pimped by libs/Dems to many groups, that the scandals are all the fault of those mean old Republicans, essentially the "vast right wing conspiracy. Sad that so many people are so dumb. If you think that is not fact, take a look at just about any "Watter's World" segment on "The Factor".

I noted that she took credit for the good financial times during the 90's, sounding as if she had something to do with it, which might in fact be the case.
Well. If past successes are fair game for her, looks to me like past failures/criminal behavior from the same time period should be the same for opponents. Betcha it doesn't work that way.

Gary Fouse said...


I didn't call her "left"-at least not here. She may not be as far left as Sanders or Obama, but I consider her to be left.

elwood p suggins said...

She is most certainly to the "left" of me, and I do not believe she can accurately be called a moderate.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

To know which way is north you need a compass, or some rudimentary knowledge of astronomy. Hillary has no compass, she will literally run in any direction that suits. (She is a former Goldwater Girl, you know). I don't consider President Obama to be "left" either. When the right-wing kaffee klatsch started accusing him of socialism, I said, I wish, but he's definitely not. Sanders is actually a bit of a socialist, albeit a watered-down one.

Yes elwood, Hillary and a lot of liberals play the victim game, as do the Tea Party and the more traditional faux "conservatives." Poor things, all of them. Glad I don't run with any of those crowds.

Gary Fouse said...


Just who is a socialist according to your yardstick-Lenin, perhaps?

I wonder which crowd you do run with.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Lenin would be one. Eugene Debs would be another... the greatest mom and apple pie socialist in American history, but firmly militant when the cause of labor was at issue. Being to the left of elwood is a very low bar. I don't have much of a crowd to run with since I left the job where I was a shop steward. I do attend meetings of the local neighborhood block club, now that I'm a homeowner. You could certainly say I'm to the left of Frank Zeidler. I pretty well go along with the revolutionary philosophy developed by Robert A. Heinlein in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, which mixed Marxism, rational anarchism, pragmatism, and TANSTAAFL.

elwood p suggins said...

"Last two questions: Which woman should be on a currency bill?" Sorry, missed this in the original post.

The other day, one of my buds sent me an e-mail of a $10 bill with a lady on it. Pretty good job, too. It was, of course, Bruce (aka Caitlin) Jenner. I know I am insensitive, but I thought it was simply hilarious. And yes, I did forward it to my other buds.

Gary Fouse said...


I nominate Paula Jones.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Harriet Tubman.

elwood p suggins said...

Yeah, she would be OK also. Or Monica Lewinsky???

elwood p suggins said...

Or Joanne Chesimard???

Siarlys Jenkins said...

elwood, I don't know what Monica Lewinsky did that would merit appearance on U.S. currency. Nor Paula Jones. Maybe you think its a matter of historic significance to have had sensuous contact with the privy member of a president, but the slots to appear on a dollar bill are rather few, so I think people who have done things of somewhat greater significance to the general public is required.

Now next time a man is sought, maybe Davy Crockett, to recognize his opposition to the removal of the Cherokee from Georgia and east Tennessee.

Joanne Chesimard... getting shot up by the police isn't really enough to qualify either. I had no problem with the mural at Marquette, not that I had ever seen it, or likely ever would, and not that anyone asked my opinion, or needed my permission... but what's Joanne Chesimard done for the liberation of any people, anywhere, anytime, LATELY?

elwood p suggins said...

Siarlys, where oh where is your much-vaunted sense of humor???