Saturday, July 18, 2015

Shame on Trump For His Comment on John McCain's War Service

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Navy combat pilot and POW                                                                                                                                                                                                Received deferments                                                                  


Today, Donald Trump has put an end to his presidential hopes with his disgraceful comments on John McCain's war service. When someone referred to McCain as a war hero, Trump took issue saying first that McCain is not a war hero then saying that he was a hero because he was captured. (McCain spent several years as a POW in North Vietnam.)

I doubt if many of Trump's supporters are McCain fans, nor am I a fan of McCain as a senator, but where the Hell was Trump when it comes to military service?  He was getting deferments. Think what you will of McCain as senator, but his military experience must be respected. To have it questioned by someone who never served and got several deferments is a disgrace.

This guy is a blowhard. He has no business being president. Yes, he tapped into a resentment on the part of many Americans when it comes to illegal immigration, but he got it backwards implying that most of the Mexicans coming here were criminals while some of them were decent.

I think his comments today will prove to fatally damage his political hopes.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

I couldn't have said it better. Your comments are in keeping with your own oft-repeated statement that on one scale, John Kerry ranks you, since he fought in Vietnam, while you were assigned to Germany. (Not that either of you had a choice in the matter). I have a notion that military officers do not make good presidents, or senators, but voters have often thought otherwise. In any case, McCain's career as a senator, and his service in the military, are two distinct things.

Squid said...

With such a disrespectful comment regarding McCain's service to our country, I would have to agree with you Gary. This comment will derail Trump.
Also, Siarlys, I agree with your supporting Gary, but the comment about military officers not making good Presidents does not play here. Think John F. Kennedy, an naval office, is one of our best presidents.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Kennedy was good, and Eisenhower was way better than Taft. Taylor and Harrison were not good, and the series of Civil War veterans in the 19th century were mediocre at best. I've been dubious about most of the career military officers who have thrown their hat into the primary ring in the last twenty years.