Saturday, July 18, 2015

Shake-up at Orange County Jewish Federation?

Iiiiiis it true department

This is not officially confirmed yet, but my sources tell me that the word is out that the Orange County Jewish Federation and Family Services board of directors is not extending the contract of the CEO, Shalom Elcott.

If true, the reasons could be the reported decline in contributions received by the Federation in Orange County as well as a recent incident at UC Irvine involving Elcott and the female student president of Anteaters for Israel when the AFI-sponsored I-Fest was disrupted by pro-Palestinian demonstrators. The student publicly complained that Elcott got in her face and loudly berated her, blaming her for the disruption. This was just one of many complaints leveled against Elcott over the years by some within the Jewish community. In short, the CEO and the organization have been under considerable fire over the years for their handling of the issues at UC Irvine arising out of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Some of that criticism has come from this site. In my view, the Federation has failed to defend Jewish students at UCI and has put pressure on them not to speak out on the problems of anti-Semitism and intimidation of Jewish students. The Federation, in my view, has downplayed the problem and obstructed our efforts to bring attention to the problem.

If this report is true, hopefully, there will be a change in the Federation policy regarding the issues at UCI. I am not overly optimistic.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

I'm sure Jews are happy to have Christians telling them how to run their organizations.

Gary Fouse said...

Not happy at all. At least the Federation.