Monday, July 20, 2015

Martin O'Malley Is a Wimp

If Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley thinks he is going to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, he is going to have to find some backbone. First, he appears in a conference moderated  by an open illegal immigrant  activist. When O'Malley told the audience that not only black lives matter, but white lives and all lives matter, he got roundly booed. So what does he do? He apologizes for his "insensitivity".

Bernie Sanders was there too. I think before either of them should have agreed to appear they should have told that illegal immigrant guy who is wearing it on his sleeve to legalize his status.

And don't pay much attention to UC Berkeley Professor Judith Butler's "analysis". Butler is an anti-Israel activist aligned with BDS-co-founder Omar Barghouti, who spoke a few months back at UC Irvine. I was present and suffice to say, I was not impressed. She strikes me as an intellectual egghead. She further confirms it with this comment.

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elwood p suggins said...

As well as a pimp. What a combination!!!