Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lincoln University's Embarrassment

Hat tip Daily Beast and Campus Watch

Lincoln University's Professor Kaukab Siddique is at it again. We previously posted information about this loon when he was documented as being a Holocaust denier.

Now Daily Beast has published an article on a whole host of inflammatory statements he has made on Facebook about Jews and non-Muslims. It is truly disgusting.

Well, as Lincoln University says, it's all free speech. Fine and dandy. So Lincoln is stuck with this embarrassment.

Siddique, who is apparently from Pakistan, already has his defenders on his Facebook page accusing "the Jewish press" of defaming him.

"My dear Muslim friends..the Jewish Press has been trying to vilify Dr. Siddique for years and get him fired for his truth telling and activism against oppression.. I ask you to reply to this post and give him your support as they wish to silence all Muslim scholars...Here they go misquoting Dr. is going to be a popular thing now to shame and vilify Muslims who stand up for the Haqq of the Qur'an..our lives are not guided by government policies our lives are Guided by a Higher Authority and we all have chosen to live in Tolerance with those who live differently-but will unabashedly speak truth to powers where ever they reside I support Dr. Siddique who has been a Truth sayer, teller...May Allah truly protect You and continue to guide you,,,we live in a climate where they want us to cow-town from stating and standing up for the truth,,we are truly in the end of days..they wait but we too wait for the hand of Allah who gives them a short respite and then the judgement!!!! Aameen!"

Do you detect any anti-Semitism in that blurb? Do you detect any threat against the rest of us?

How sad it is that we have pukes like this teaching our young people in the universities.

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