Friday, July 31, 2015

Just How Much Classified Information Was on Hillary Emails?

Like a bad dose of herpes, this is becoming a serious recurring problem for Hillary Clinton as the State Department continues to release her emails. Now we learn that these emails (not surprisingly) involved several intelligence agencies. Now they are worried about how much classified information is  going to be (or has already been) leaked.

I can tell you from my own personal experience working overseas with DEA, agencies like the CIA and NSA classify their toilet paper.

So Hillary keeps adjusting her statements and telling us, "I sent nothing that was classified. (classified at the time.)" Then she prepares for the next outbreak er document dump.

Here is an update from Fox on today's document dump:

"Among the retroactively classified emails was one from Clinton adviser Huma Abedin in October 2009 regarding a call with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas."

I cannot believe that the above was not classified at the time-unless, of course, Huma was just calling to wish Abbas a happy birthday-or perhaps, forward one of her husband's cell phone photos. (Her husband is Anthony Weiner.)


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Its all pretty unbelievable for someone who intended to run for president.

Its even more unbelievable for someone who was already alert to a vast right-wing conspiracy trying to take her down.

All this she knows, and she offers them these unconcealed vulnerabilities?

Any Black Panther could have told her (the real ones, not that shabby juvenile outfit that nobody covers except Fousesquawk), that if "they" have their eye on you, keep all lights on the car in good running order, don't even run a yellow light, much less a red one, etc.

Squid said...

What is a larger concern would what was in the 30,000 emails that Hillary, unilaterally without oversight, erased on her private server. More scary is the question: Did the erased emails have classified information that would threaten the security of our nation and operatives in the three letter agencies? If I was a member of the CIA, FBI, DEA and NSA, I would be very concerned. Yet, 60 percent of the Democrats still would vote for this lier.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Well Squid, when you have a choice among twenty liars, the pickings are rather limited. And people like you have educated everyone that a socialist is unelectable. But if Gary is ready to vote for Sanders in the primary, he just might make it in the general election without Gary's vote.