Thursday, July 23, 2015

IS DHS Escorting Somalis Into US From Mexico?

For along time now we have been saying that it s not only Mexicans and Central Americans coming across our Southwest border. There are Arabs, Pakistanis and others coming across as well. Now we have a video that tends to corroborate that fact.

The below report is from World Net daily, a conservative site. It features a report and video from a Christian evangelist named Anita Fuentes whose organization is called, Open Your Eyes The video purports to show a DHS bus parked at a gas station in Victorville, California (San Bernardino County). When Fuentes approaches an agent, he tells her they are transporting Somalis and other Africans who are requesting asylum. The windows of the bus are covered up so the passengers cannot be seen. The video can be viewed at the below link.

Congress needs to ask DHS officials about this under oath. How many of these people are arriving? What is being done with them?

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