Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fifth Chattanooga Victim Dies-Empire State Building Goes Green

Hat tip David

The news is breaking that a Navy sailor critically wounded in the Chattanooga terrorist attack has died. At the same time, President Obama sends out his Eid al Fitr greetings on the occasion of the end of Ramadan and the Empire State Building goes green to pay homage to Islam and the end of Ramadan.

Where are the white flags? Disgusting.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

What in the world is disgusting about it, Gary?

Seriously, what has gotten into you? New York lights up for Christmas, and no doubt observes Chanuukah in some manner, what is your problem with Ramadan and Eid?

Muslims marking the end of Ramadan was page 3 in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal. Probably about the right placement. Its certain not front page news. It is significant, since about 6000 people attended. Zulfiquar Shah, religious director for the Islamic Society of Milwaukee, said during prayers "This country has given us all the freedom to practice our religoiu, it has given us financial rewards. [Note, he's talking about opportunities to start successful businesses.] And this is the kind or reward some of our youth want to give baci to this beloved country?" He was of course talking about the murders in Chattanooga.

I can't think of any more he could have been expected to say. And I can't think of any reason the President of the United States should not acknowledge the holiday, nor the Empire State Building. Of course the last terrorist attach around here was on the Sikh Temple. I suppose we should have canceled Christmas in mourning and shame that year.

Gary Fouse said...

Maybe the Empire State Building was expressing gratitude for the ideology that made it once again the tallest building in NYC.

Squid said...

New york is a lost city. They have a Marxist Mayor, a sky-rocketing murder rate, a raising population of homeless and crime is out of control. The police have no respect for the NY Mayor. The New York Times is a Leftist rag that wins the award for yellow journalism. Last, the city is run by Progressives. So, what else can one expect from this cesspool of liberalism.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Squid, you are a pleasure to debate with when you can marshall facts and analyze them rationally. This is not one of those times. This is a rant.

Gary, I thought you might say something of substance, but you are still spewing idle insinuations. Be straight with us Gary, what are you talking about? Once you say something coherent, I'll try to respond to it.

Gary Fouse said...

Try this, Siarlys. The Jihadists and Islamists and those trying to advance Islam in the US look upon this as a sign of weakness and submission on our part.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Baloney. This is our strength. What we need to be broadcasting to the world is that we have a Muslim member of congress elected from a district with a Christian majority and more Jewish than Muslim voters. We have no problem with Muslim citizens participating fully in American life, and ISIS are such cowards that they feel they have to kill not only Jews, not only Christians, not only Yazidis, but even half a dozen varieties of Muslims, in order to hang on to their fragile little caliphate.

My working definition of bigotry is, applying the reputed characteristics of an entire demographic group to every individual identifiable with that group, rather than evaluating each individual on their own merit. By that standard, what you advocate is bigotry, pure and simple. There are some Muslims we shouldn't let come within 200 miles of our shores. There are some Muslims who are patriotic fifth generation American citizens. There are some Muslims who are grateful immigrants, like most of us have in our family trees.

A regular commenter at my absolute favorite conservative blog who had been worried that this would come down to a clash of civilizations recently asked "Have you noticed that 95 percent of the world's Muslims are sitting this one out? This is going much better than I thought." And now Gary Fouse wants to offer all one billion of them to ISIS by painting their religion with the broad brush of his contempt.

Your remarks denigrating a few simple measures to acknowledge that some of our fellow Americans are celebrating Eid reminds me of Woodie Guthrie's account of the days after Pearl Harbor in a small California town. Some drunken slob told a sailor shipping out next morning "I'm to old and fat to serve in the navy, but I promise you I'll punch any Jap I see here in the face." Several sailors spent the rest of the night protecting the grocery store owned by an elderly Japanese couple from the drunken slob and few drunken slob friends.

Now if the goons of ISIS consider it a sign of weakness in their tiny little minds, well, Adolf and Benito said something about using the weaknesses of the democracies to bring about their downfall, and somehow, we were able to handle it.

Really would have been better if we'd had the courage to let some Jewish refugees in though, without worrying that some of them must be German agents.