Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Canadian Couple's Plan to Attack Synagogue and Kill Jewish Children

Hat tip Arutz Sheva and Frontpage Magazine

A Canadian couple, both converts to Islam, were planning to infiltrate and attack a synagogue with the intention of killing children.

Is there any comparison here to Dylann Roof, the young man who recently entered a black church in Charleston, went through the motions of worshiping with members of the congregation, then killed 9 of them? Are not both cases motivated by hate?

Yes, but in the case of Roof, there was no religious motivation. In the Canadian case, there was.

The problem-and it is worldwide-is that Islam is motivating a lot of people to carry out horrific acts of murder. It is true that most Muslims are not so motivated, but way too many interpret their faith as a directive to kill. That affects us, of course.

In my view, peaceful Muslims are either secular in their outlook or simply don't have a violent nature. The latter, of course, includes most Muslim women. The question I still have in my mind is whether they focus on the peaceful passages of the Koran, Meccan Muslims if you will, or they truly do understand the texts in their entirety and find other ways to support the jihad. I believe there are many in the US who are furthering the aims of jihad through non-violent means. CAIR is one such example though several of their members over the years have crossed the line.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Converts are like ex-smokers.