Wednesday, July 29, 2015

British Jihadists Bite the Dust in Syria

Hat tip Jihad i Malmo

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Juan Cole- PhD

University of Michigan professor Juan Cole likes to pooh-pooh the problem of British (and US) Muslims traveling to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. At a speech at California State University at Long Beach on October 16, 2014, he called British Prime Minister David Cameron a racist for alerting the public that some 400 British Muslims had joined ISIS. Given the 4 million Muslims in Britain, 400 was a "minuscule "number".

Cole is going to be reminded of his remarks every time a story comes out of Britain about their problem of home-grown jihadists.

And here is one:

"More than 60 Britons are now believed to have died in Syria, many of them fighting alongside the brutal Isil group."

(A minuscule number. Hopefully, that number will rise.)

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Indeed, hopefully that number will rise. It is sometimes speculated that al Qaeda's strategy was to draw the U.S. into the middle east where it would be easier to kill U.S. soldiers. Might that not be reversed? Let all the jihadis go to Syria and get killed. (They are a miniscule number of those living in Great Britain, but the number who go to Syria and die may be a substantial portion of those motivated toward jihad.)