Saturday, July 11, 2015

$300,000 for What?

Hat tip Campus Watch

The National Science Foundation is spending $300,000 for a project designed to make university engineering professors to be "more LGBTQ-affirming".

For those of you readers who haven't been to college in the past ten years, that means "lesbian gay, bi-sexual, trans-gender, queer, or wait- perhaps, questioning.

Campus Report has the,uh, report.

I assume this is tax-payer money being spent here.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

That should be LGBTQWERTY.

I would not advocate cutting the budget of the National Science Foundation, but it is awfully tempting to suggest a $300,000 cut in whatever its budget might otherwise be, next year.

I acquired a generally positive disposition to any cause that ended in "liberation" early in life, but I began to lose my indiscriminate sympathy after reading some screed about "solidarity with the LGBTQ community," and realized that I am not in solidarity with them at all. I believe in live and let live, people make their own choices about their private lives, they have the right to walk down the street in safety, shop in any store, get hired for any job they are qualified for... but I have no obligation at all to "affirm" whatever makes them happy.

Neither to their engineering colleagues.