Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wiesenthal Center on Campus Anti-Semitism

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has issued a lengthy report on campus anti-Semitism in the US. I am still perusing it, but I note that the school where I teach part-time, UC Irvine is mentioned prominently as is the UC system as a whole. The previous administrators of UC are called out for criticism. (UCI now has a new chancellor, vice chancellor for student affairs and dean of students.)

Also singled out for attention are the Muslim Student Associations, Students for Justice in Palestine and professors who are part of the problem. Though not mentioned by name, many of them have been singled out by name on Fousesquawk for years. They are a disgrace to the teaching profession.

Two points that need mentioning here.

1 The references to Hillel's "OC Task Force" are erroneous. The writers are obviously referring to the Orange Country Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism, which was formed during the first decade of the new century in response to repeated anti-Semitic complaints by students. Orange County Hillel was initially a member but quickly dropped out. Since then they have been part of the problem, in my view, for their unwillingness to stand up and speak out. Same goes for the Orange County Jewish Federation.

Below is a link to the OCITF report on UCI, which was issued in 2008.

2 Among the recommendations at the end of the Wiesenthal report  I see no suggestion of lawsuits. In my view, it has reached the point where legal action should be taken against universities that fail top protect Jewish students.

Nevertheless, it is good to see more attention being brought to this severe problem that exists on college campuses.

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