Monday, June 1, 2015

What Americans Welcome Into Our Country

Hat tip An Inquiry Into Islam


Here is an article in the blog An Inquiry Into Islam that caught my eye (for more reasons than one). In this piece, the author writes of a recent experience with young Thai immigrants.

As one who has lived in Thailand, speaks the language, loves the people, and enjoys meeting Thais in this country, I say a hearty, "Amen!" In fact, the great majority of Americans have no objection to immigration as long as the new arrivals come legally, obey our laws, assimilate, and don't try to impose their belief system upon the rest of us.

And that is where too many (not all) Muslim immigrants fail the test-on that latter point especially. Even many of those who are not jihadists or terrorists hold a wish that someday in the future, America would become an Islamic country living under sharia law. Many believe that this can be achieved through peaceful means by immigration, intermarriage, dawa (proselytizing), conversion, and a high birth rate. If you think that is a preposterous idea, look no further than Europe.

Sorry, but that is unacceptable. Add that to the rising cases of Muslims in this country who are taking up arms against us and you begin to understand why so many are against any further Muslim immigration into the US-and that includes me.

This has nothing to do with race. People talk about the "browning of America", but that is not an issue with me (I am married to a Mexican.) I mean, if we started to look like those beautiful young ladies in the above picture, who could complain about that?

No, this is a question of our safety in the age of terror and maintaining our American traditions not of some idea of white superiority, which I don't subscribe to- but our ideals of equality and tolerance for other religions, for the rights of women and gays. We have worked too long and too hard to get to where we are, and we are not about to throw it away.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

I got it. You are willing to accept Muslims as immigrants provided they agree to use birth control.