Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Carnage of Last Friday

Viewer Warning: Graphic images

This past Friday, 66 people were killed in three separate Islamic terror attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France.


In the below video (Hat tip Tundra Tabloids) you see photos and a video of the lone gunman at a Tunisian resort beach.

Here is ITV video of the gunman running along the shoreline before turning toward a hotel, where he intended to kill more tourists. Only Westerners on the beach were singled out for murder.


Aftermath: Mourners climb through the rubble and dust in the search for bodies after a suicide bomber killed 25 in Kuwait
-Daily Mail

In the below report from Daily Mail (UK), there are videos of a suicide bomber walking into a Shi'ite mosque. There are also photos of the bomber walking into the prayer room before he detonates his bomb.


And below, we see the severed head of a French businessman murdered and beheaded by his attacker who then set it on a fence of a plant he was trying to enter.

Herve Cornara's severed head
-Bare Naked Islam

This can now happen at any time at any place.

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