Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Boston Shooting Video

Here is the video of last week's shooting of a Muslim man by FBI agents and Boston police. It has been alleged by CAIR and the man's family that he was shot down in cold blood. The video shows that the agents were attempting to keep their distance from them as he was holding a knife.

Twenty-six year old Usaamah Rahim was found to be planning to behead a police officer and/or Pam Geller when he was confronted by the officers/agents. Information indicated he was about to carry out his plans.

The video can be viewed at the below link:

It is true that the video is too grainy and too distant to clearly show a weapon in Rahim's hands. However, if he were unarmed, why did the agents spread out and back away from  him trying to keep a distance? Were he unarmed, they would have simply swarmed him and put him on the ground.

Case closed.

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elwood p suggins said...

Should be nuff said, but will never happen. I see they are still making arrest(s) in the case, which is indicative of yet another radical Muslim conspiracy, no??