Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Micro-Aggression Training Seminars at University of California

Hat tip The College Fix

"America is the land of opportunity"

Along with "white privilege", "people of color", "pink washing", LGBTQ, and a bunch of other dopey sayings, "micro-aggression" is all the rage on college campuses these days. I never have been able to quite figure out what it means, but maybe that's why our University of California, under the enlightened leadership of Janet Napolitano, is holding seminars to make sure we all know. (I have not been invited to attend one of these yet though many think I badly need the training.)


elwood p suggins said...

Alas, like being a racist and a homophobe and an Islamaphobe, or anyway accused of such, I fear that like Gary, I too am also most likely at least a micro-aggressor. SHAME ON ME!!!!!

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Sudden rage when someone hits their lab partner over the head with a microscope?

elwood p suggins said...

Or shocked them with the electrophoresis apparatus?? Horrors!!!