Thursday, June 4, 2015

Libyan School Kids on a Field Trip

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

(Viewer warning: Graphic)

The future: An unknown Libyan cartoonist released a chilling illustration captioned 'Derna and the future of its children' within hours of the brutal execution. It shows a group of young boys practicing beheading dolls

Thanks to President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Frenchies, Libya is now pretty much in the hands of ISIS. That means that Libyan school kids now get to go on cool field trips with their ISIS student counselors to watch beheadings.

In the above-linked article-linked to the UK Daily Mail, the kiddies learn how to behead a Libyan soldier.

Look for now-secretary of state John Kerry to launch a program to bring tens of thousands of Libyans to the US as refugees (as soon as he gets out of the hospital and his leg is healed).

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