Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Juan Cole's Pathetic Attempt to Link Dylann Roof to Jews and Counter-Jihadists

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Juan Cole, PhD

Just as the race baiters in academia are trying to use the acts of Dylann Roof to drive a wedge between white and black Americans, other academics, those with an anti-Israel agenda, are trying to make a connection between Roof and those who speak out against Islamic extremism-including those "right-wing Jews".  The University of Michigan's Juan Cole is exploiting the Charleston tragedy to make his own political point.

This is why I have added Cole's blog, Informed Comment, to my Fiction Section.  For him to link Jews-any Jews- to this tragedy is despicable. What difference does it make that Pam Geller is Jewish? None. Roof''s "manifesto" makes no mention of  Muslims, Geller or any other counter-Jihadists. And this man calls himself a scholar and historian?

I saw this boob speak at Cal State Long Beach last October, and to say the least, I was not impressed. On that occasion, he blasted David Cameron as a racist because he informed the British public that 400 Brits had joined ISIS. He said that number was minuscule compared to the 4 million Muslims in Britain. Perhaps, but imagine what those 400 could do if they returned to the UK. Not only that, but that 400 number is now closer to 1,000.

Juan Cole should issue a public apology for even mentioning Jews in the same breath as Dylann Roof.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

What difference does it make that Pam Geller is Jewish?

I'm sure most Jews are grateful that you understand that.

Cole's fantasies are almost as disconnected from reality as Dylan Roof's, except apparently he has the good sense not to pick up a gun and actually shoot anybody.