Wednesday, June 3, 2015

CAIR Official Arrested in Orlando in Child Sex Sting

Hat tip Truth Revolt

Ahmad Saleem (l)

A CAIR official in Orlando is one of 101 persons arrested in a child sex sting. Saleem was arrested allegedly for trying to hook up with a 12-year-old.

"Thank heavens for leetle girls"

No comment from CAIR national website. They are too busy talking about that Muslim who got shot trying to stab cops in Boston.

CAIR Florida has issued this statement.

"Ahmad Saleem briefly worked for CAIR Florida as a community organizer for two months earlier this year until he abandoned his position in April. Accordingly, CAIR Florida removed him as an employee from our website and began recruiting a new candidate for the position prior to learning of the allegations against him." 

Which leaves the question: Just what role did Saleem play with CAIR in Orlando? According to the above, Saleem was a mid-level guy.

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