Thursday, May 14, 2015

UC Irvine Gets a Mention in the Jerusalem Post-For All the Wrong Reasons

"One person's hate speech is another person's education."

It seems half the time UC Irvine makes it into the news, it is thanks to the pro-Palestinian element on campus when they act out. So it was when they disrupted the Anteaters for Israel's annual I-Fest a couple of week's back-just as they did last year and the year before that.

In response, Caroline Glick has given UCI a dishonorable mention in her latest column, "Siding with the Victims of Aggression". More specifically, however, the focus of Glick's comments was not the pro-Palestinian protesters or UCI. It was the so-called leadership of the Jewish community, specifically, Orange County Hillel and the Orange County Jewish Federation (and Family Services).

That article drew a hasty response from Lisa Armony, the head of the Orange County Hillel and a Jewish Federation official as well.

Here is how I personally reported what I witnessed myself:

I can also state that I was interviewed for the referenced Frontpage Magazine article on the incident and not as an unnamed source. My name is mentioned in the article as to what I witnessed.

Contrary to what Armony claims, the Jewish Federation has hardly been a force in fighting anti-Semitism at UCI. On the contrary, it has been an obstacle to efforts to inform the Orange County Jewish community as to what has been going on there over the years in connection with the anti-Israel events and their speakers, some of whom have crossed the line into anti-Semitic hate speech. Indeed, the Federation (and Hillel) have often tried to stop Jewish students from standing up and
speaking out about it and standing up for Israel, and who have been attacked when they do.  And I can name those students, past and present.

I have sent in my own comment to the Jerusalem Post's reader thread in response to Armony's letter.

Stand by.

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