Friday, May 22, 2015

Two Orange County Men Try to Join "Dozen or So" Trying to Join ISIS

Somebody call CAIR's LA Director, Hussam Ayloush, and tell him he can add a couple more names to that "dozen or so" Americans who have decided to join ISIS. The FBI has just nabbed two more from right here in Orange County.

We don't have their names yet, but when we do, the next step will be to see which local mosque they were attending.

Ayloush raised a few eyebrows not long ago when he appeared on a panel at the Islamic Center of Orange County and told the audience ( including Yours Truly, who was videotaping) that by the US government estimates only about a dozen jihadists had left the US to join ISIS (compared to the thousands of Jews who had left to join the Israeli Defense Forces-killing the people of Gaza).

*Update: ABC News has identified the two men as Muhanad Badawi (24) of Anaheim and Nader Elzuhayel, also 24 of Anaheim.

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