Saturday, May 16, 2015

Is Catholic University Guilty of Human Rights Violations For Having Crosses on the Walls?

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It looks like there is a law professor at George Washington University with not enough classes to keep him busy. So he is filing a complaint against Washington DC's Catholic University for having crosses on the walls in every room, which, according to him, prevent's CU's Muslim students from praying.

In fairness to CU's Muslim students, the article states that they themselves have not complained though one wonders what standing the GWU law professor would have. At any rate, Muslims are known to conduct their scheduled prayers outside if no mosque is nearby.

But of course, I miss the obvious point. If a Muslim wants to attend a Catholic University, how can he or she complain about crosses on the walls?

There again, I'm not sure they themselves are. So for right now, let's direct our disgust at this Whiplash Willie  law professor.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

The professor does not have standing. He's like the disability rights lawyer who filed suit against a private school specializing in students with severe cognitive disabilities. The students loved it. The parents loved it. The lawyers said it must be shut down because it was SEGREGATED. (It was, and for good reason). The court threw out the lawsuit on the grounds that the lawyer had suffered no injury, and no plaintiff was available from among the students at the school who claimed any.

I expect this professor will meet a similar dismissal. Actually, Muslim students like Catholic University because it is an atmosphere where they can maintain the high moral standards their faith calls for, like women dressing modestly and no sex before marriage. I doubt any are complaining.

Then, like Gary says... its a private university. It can set its own standards. Its not a public university. These things really are not one size fits all.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Well, I see this isn't really much of an issue. Figures. I bet the professor who started it all has a nose buried in some book in his basement right now.