Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hillary Relayed Max Blumenthal's Thoughts to Her Deputies

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

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It's bad enough that we learn that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using her private e-mail account(s) to trade notes with her crony Sid Blumenthal. Now we learn that Sid was pimping for his son, Mad Max Blumenthal, the anti-Israel fanatic. In the below article from Frontpage Magazine, we learn that Hillary forwarded an e-mail from Sid to her private account with the written rants of son, Max to her aides at DOS. The note dealt with the purported role of the Muhammad video producer, who was subsequently arrested.

And to think that this woman may be our next president! One wonders who else she was corresponding with on that private account.



Subject: It was the Jews





Subject : It was the Jews


Better check this out.

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