Friday, May 1, 2015

CAIR's Michigan Director Speaks About Freddy Gray

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Dawud Walid
"We are special."

Dawud Walid is the Michigan director of CAIR. Today he gave a sermon (khutbah) in regards to what he terms, "Social Justice in Islam and the Murder of Freddie Gray". In this talk, he mixes a lot of English and Arabic. He doesn't get to Gray until the 18:25 mark. The first 18 minutes are devoted to speaking about social justice and denigrating dogs (7 minute mark). Yes, Walid is not a dog lover, Dear Reader.

You will note that in his talk, Walid also excuses the rioters. At the 22:40 minute mark, Walid tells us that Islam is the only ideology in the world that speaks in its texts about the equality of all human souls (except non-Muslims, of course). A minute later, he explains what makes Muslims better. It is their respect for Allah that makes them a special umma (community).

Walid, of course, is the same man who defended the Detroit imam, Luqman Abdullah, who was killed by the FBI in a shootout in 2009.

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