Thursday, April 9, 2015

University of Michigan Reverses American Sniper Cancellation

When Middle Eastern students objected to the film, American Sniper, being shown at the University of Michigan, the university quickly cancelled the event. Then they said it would be shown in a different venue. Now, with letters of protest and outrage pouring in, the university is announcing it will be shown in the original venue.

"The initial decision to cancel the movie was not consistent with the high value the University of Michigan places on freedom of expression and our respect for the right of students to make their own choices in such matters," Harper said. "The movie will be shown at the originally scheduled time and location."

While that's welcome news, one wonders what the university will do when the howls of protest return from the Middle Eastern students, their liberal allies and the usual suspects in the faculty.

I think they call it flip-flopping.

Here is the latest from the Daily Michigan (Univ. of Michigan).

And good for Jim Harbaugh, whose Twitter message stating that his football team would watch the film helped turn things around at the University of Michigan.

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