Wednesday, April 8, 2015

University of Michigan Caves in to Pressure and Cancels "American Sniper"

Hat tip The College Fix and Michigan Daily

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Now we know what the yellow stripes are for.

A scheduled showing of "American Sniper" at the University of Michigan has been cancelled due to a letter written by Middle Eastern students claiming that the film caused negative stereotypes against Muslims.

Here is an article from the University of Michigan campus paper:

After the flap over the UC Irvine student government voting to remove the US flag from their work space, this is getting to be very annoying-no- outrageous. Are we to remove any expression of love for our country from universities for fear of offending foreign students or making them feel uncomfortable?

And who is this cowardly UMich Center for Campus Involvement? Let's check out their website.

"We deeply regret causing harm to members of our community....."

One has to seriously wonder about their community.

Update: Apparently, they say they will show the film in a different venue. We shall see.

"We are planning to screen American Sniper separately from the upcoming UMix event, in a forum that provides an appropriate space for dialogue and reflection. More information will be provided as details are confirmed."

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