Friday, April 10, 2015

UCLA Professor on Islamic Abuse of Women

Hat tip Daily Bruin and Campus Watch

"Abou El Fadl will be talking about how the Islamic State group’s practices of trafficking and enslaving women conflict with the teachings of Islam, Tricic said."

It appears this event occurred last night at UCLA. I would have liked to attend it. UCLA Professor Khaled Abou El Fadl (above) was due to speak on the question of Islamic abuse of women. The talk was apparently inspired by the recent reports of ISIS taking non-Muslim women as sex slaves in Iraq and Syria. Given Fadl's track record, no doubt he was going to argue that ISIS and what it is doing have nothing to do with Islam. I encourage the reader to check out the reader comments to the Daily Bruin report-including my own.

I would have like to hear Fadl explain Sura 4 verse 24 of the Koran.
"And forbidden to you are wedded wives of other people except those who have fallen in your hands (as prisoners of war) . . ...."
That was from the Medina period, when Mohammad was spreading Islam through war. It is time we start challenging these popular talking points that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.


ChrisLA said...

El Fadl is a master of Islamic deceit. In his book, The Great Theft, he defends the "moderates" whose religion has been stolen by the "puritans." On page 218 he writes, "It defies logic that God at one point would instruct human beings to act in a moral fashion, only to completely reverse Himself at a later point for purely opportunistic reasons." El Fadl knows quite well that logic and reason are not compatible with Islam, so he is using a Western, non-Muslim criterion for denouncing the "puritans."

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Given that there are some one billion Muslims in the world, it seems to me highly laudable and even essential that Muslims familiar with the Qu'ran spread the word that thuggery and rape is NOT consistent with Islam.

Think of the alternative... or maybe that's what Gary wants. Let the whole world perish in blood and fire, so long as Gary Fouse can say "I told you so."

Gary Fouse said...

Wrong. If you are familiar with the Koran, (I will rephrase the words) violence, murder and taking female captives as slaves, sexual and otherwise is permitted. Check out that hagiographic Marmaduke Koran of yours and check out the phrases that describe not taking women except those that your right hand possesses. That means captives and slaves.