Sunday, April 12, 2015

Typical Hillary Clinton Tackiness

Most political ads are worthy of derision in one form or another, but today, Hillary Clinton doubled down on her reputation for tackiness. Instead of standing in front of a group of reporters and making the announcement then answering few questions, she releases a carefully crafted political ad to announce her candidacy.

Well, it certainly covers most of the bases in terms of interest groups, doesn't it? Of course,. some wise guy like me might ask what the Hell Hillary Clinton has in common with any of those people in the ad.

And how about that statement from Hillary that ".....when families are strong, America is strong".

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Well, she should know.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

When families are strong, America is strong...

Well, that rules out Hillary Clinton, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Joe Biden, Marco Rubio...

I'm hesitant about Elizabeth Warren for one reason... the fact that someone is really very good in their own field, which Warren is, does not mean they are a good candidate for Chief Executive. But then, nobody else running is offering themselves as a competent executive, its a political beauty contest all around.

"Hey, I've got some cheap platitudes you'll love to hear, and I can recite sound-bytes that hint at values I know you support... so elect me, and let's see if I know how to direct a huge set of a dozen or so bureaucracies effectively, or if I'm just talking a good line..."

We forget that the office of President requires a competent administrator, as well as a set of priorities for what we want that administrator to try to get done.

Or did Hillary mean "When political family dynasties are strong, America is strong"? In that case, it would be Jeb v. Hillary. Nausea.

Gary Fouse said...

E Warren is a far left kook who fabricated her ethnicity to get a prof job at Harvard. I think you see through Hillary, and I trust by now the voters will too.

Competent administrator? How about Scott Walker?

Gary Fouse said...

Hey! How come I have to type letters to prove I'm not a robot? I am the blogger of this blog, be jeezus!

elwood p suggins said...

In at least one respect, if not several, Hillary and Warren are out of the same cloth. Both roundly damn the "1%", while both are firmly and permanently ensconced therein.

Interestingly enough, both Salon and Huff Post are taking some early shots at Hill.

Gary--sometimes it is just tough to get any respect at all.