Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rutgers Offers Course on "Hillary For President"

This is how bad it has gotten in the Ivy League. There is actually a course being offered on why we should vote for Hillary Clinton for president because she is a woman.

“This seminar made me understand just how important it is for all of us to have a woman as president,” Skyler Bolkin, a student enrolled in the course, told Rutgers Today, adding that“[i]t’s so exciting because Hillary Clinton has a much greater chance than any other woman now or in the past.”

Gee. Can we, like, support somebody else, like Rosie O'Donnell, maybe? 


elwood p suggins said...

Just caught a little blurb quoting Hill as saying we should "topple" the "1%". Hell, she and Elizabeth Warren, et al, ARE the 1%. "Topple" sounds like what you do to a country/government, not a group of people. Fits right in with her radical, extreme left-wing posture.

As to Warren, who also damns the 1%, while they are several notches below the Clintons, they are still quite wealthy. Depending on who is talking, their estimated net worth runs as high as $15 million. Their house in MA is assessed for tax purposes at about $2 million, which probably makes its market value at least $5 million, and likely more. They also have a condo in DC probably worth the better part of $1 million.

According to her own financial disclosure statements, the annual Warren income for the years 2008-2011 averaged about $850K. However, her contributions to charity only ran between 2-3 per cent of income. Her 2013 statement indicated NO liabilities. Pretty good work if you can get it.

Funny, neither the Clintons nor the Warrens owe me a dime. If they want to send me some out of the goodness of their hearts, bring it on!! However, they are not, and should not be, under any compulsion to do so, and I am most certainly NOT entitled to any of their money.

Gary Fouse said...

You talk about hypocrisy!

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Just now, I might consider Condoleeza Rice, although she's a glutton for punishment for working in the Bush administration. She's better than any Republican in the race, and the Dems aren't any too impressive. Scott Walker is where he is today courtesy of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, the bumbling idiots.

If Condi would promise to put Elizabeth Warren in charge of consumer financial protection I'd vote for a team like that in a heartbeat.

elwood, if you live in DC, you have to pay at least $200,000 to buy an empty shell of an old row house. That's why I live in Milwaukee, where my monthly payments are under $400, and it will all be paid off in 20 years. But if you are going to live in DC, that's what it costs to live there.

elwood p suggins said...

Siarlys--I understand that, I lived in northern Fairfax County, VA(Herndon/Reston area)and worked in DC for three years. My comment in that regard was relative to the overall financial situation of the Warrens. According to her disclosures, they have no mortgage on the DC condo, and therefore no payments.