Friday, April 24, 2015

Pinkwashing, ISIS Style

Yesterday at UC Irvine, one of  the pro-Palestinian protesters I described disrupting a pro-Israel fest was carrying a poster that read something about "queers condemn Israel for pinkwashing". That really made me laugh.

Meanwhile in Syria, ISIS was putting on its own show of pinkwashing as they stoned two gays to death. (Warning: Graphic images)

It's all so unfair, isn't it? Israel is taking unfair advantage of its tolerance for gays while they are all subject to the death penalty in the rest of the Arab world. It's unfair PR.

Isn't that the whole point of the pinkwashing campaign? Kinda shows you the logic of the pro-Palestinian side.


elwood p suggins said...

I guess I have never quite understood why it is that anti-gay stuff is homophobic, while pro-gay/anti-straight stuff is not heterophobic (is that a real word and have I ever seen it before?? My spell-check questions it). Kind of like race??

Squid said...

@ elwood

Hi elwood. I have a word for all of this and one can find in the dictionary. The word is "Stupid".


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Its more the logic of the One Big Happy Family Philosophy of Protest. I protest, you protest, we all protest, and we all support each other's protests. So if pro gay protesters and anti-Israel protesters march together, then they must support each other's causes, and if Israel doesn't persecute gays, the gay protester must have a rationale for supporting the anti-Israel protester, because United We March. Gay liberation is a progressive anti-imperialist cause, supported by such stauch Marxis-Leninist organizations as AT&T, Oracle, Bank of America...

I must say, it is refreshing to see how Muslim persecution of gays has made homosexuality so popular among conservatives!

Have I left any sacred cows unoffended?