Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Liberal Democrat Calls Out Obama on Christian Persecution

Hat tip Hot Air

Kirsten Powers is a Democrat and a liberal. She appears regularly as a Fox News contributor. While I often disagree with her on issues, they are honest disagreements, and I consider her to be intellectually honest. On the issue of the Christian persecution and genocide occurring in the Islamic world, she is attacking President Obama for not speaking out and calling it what it is. Powers was formerly married to a Coptic Christian from an Egyptian family and thus, has strong feelings on the subject.

There are so many things for this president to be ashamed of, but this ranks right at the top. When the final history is written, it will not be kind to this president unless he changes course soon. While Christians are being murdered every day in the Middle East, this president is busy bringing in Muslims by the tens of thousands while ignoring the plight of their victims. It is shameful beyond belief.

Kudos to Powers for having the courage to call out a Democratic president.

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