Monday, April 13, 2015

ISIS Takes Over Palestinian Camp in Syria-JVP Blames Israel

Hat tip Pro Israel Bay Bloggers

Leave it to the inappropriately-named Jewish Voice for Peace to blame Israel for the latest atrocity of ISIS. As ISIS takes over a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria (where 4 generations of Palestinians have languished) and begins their usual atrocities, JVP blames Israel for the current plight of the Palestinians in the Yarmouk camp.

One might ask why such camps still exist after all these years in the countries neighboring Israel. Many of the Arabs who left their homes in what is now Israel did so at the urging of the invading Arab nations, who promised them a quick return once victory was achieved. That victory never came although several hundred thousand Jews were expelled from Arab lands, accepted, and integrated by Israel. The Arab nations, instead, confined the Arab refugees to these camps rather than assimilate them.

All of this is lost on JVP.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

ISIS has nothing to do with Israel. They should be hunted down like mad dogs. We should also withdraw taxpayer subsidies from Israel until their government comes up with a more civilized policy.