Monday, April 13, 2015

Houston CAIR Director Wants Teacher Fired

Hat tip Florida Family Association

"If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land."

Mustafa Carroll, the executive director of CAIR in Houston, is a long, tall Texan who thinks only sharia law should be enforced with Muslims because in his words, they are above our law. Now this long, tall Texan is demanding that a local teacher be fired. The Florida Family Association has the details along with a petition asking the school board not to fire the teacher.

I will let each reader decide whether it is OK for a teacher to pass out materials either for or against a religion. Suffice to say I would do neither in my English classes. It is a topic I don't deal with in my class. The teacher's supporters say the issue in class was radical Islam and that he did not editorialize either in support of the materials or against them. If it was indeed legitimate to discuss this issue in class, well, I guess both sides should at least be presented for discussion. In the past, I have argued that it might be better to not deal with religion in class if the alternative is to present sanitized, politically-correct materials that are actually misleading.

Yet, I find it interesting that Carroll is leading the charge since he believes Muslims in the US are not answerable to our laws.

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