Saturday, April 4, 2015

Barry University President Issues Statement on Project Veritas Video

"Anybody got a flashlight?"

This past week, Project Veritas released an undercover video taken at Florida's Barry University, in which an undercover reporter posed as someone wanting to establish a student club in support of ISIS.

In response to the controversy, Barry's president, Sister Linda Bevilacqua, has issued the following statement. She claims the videos were edited and spliced.

Surely, PV edited the videos in some manner for sake of brevity, but the question is whether they were edited in a manner to distort the actual statements of the Barry officials or whether they were made in response to other statements made by the reporter. If that is so, Barry needs to make its case rather than just claim the video was "edited and spliced". For example, why was it suggested that the student club change its name from "ISIS"?

In addition, did any of these officials pick up the phone and call the FBI after the reporter made her visits? In addition, why wasn't this person thrown out of the respective offices?

Maybe it is Barry University that might want to consider a name change.

Barack University, perhaps?

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