Friday, April 3, 2015

Angela Davis Gets $16,000 to Spout Leftist Nonsense at UMass

Hat tip Campus Reform

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Angela Davis back in the day
"Someday, somebody's going to pay me for all this."

So what do you get when you pay $16,000 to a professor in the History of Consciousness Department at UC Santa Cruz (America's Wackiest University) to come and speak at your own university? A bunch of radical leftist bull, that's what. That's what UMass at Amhearst got when Angela Davis came to speak. Among Davis' suggestions for a better society? An end to incarceration.

"She didn't learn that from me."

The university reportedly paid $16,000 for Davis to deliver a speech titled “Sustaining Social Justice Movements and Intersectional Struggles.”
University officials justified the speaking fee by saying her appearance "reflects the university's commitment to exploring a range of ideas, perspectives and concepts."


elwood p suggins said...

Can you get a Master's in "History of Consciousness"?? How 'bout "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion"??

I might go back to school for that, no doubt lots of very good jobs in those fields, no?? And maybe get taught by ol' Angela herself?? What a hoot!!!

Gary Fouse said...


You might even make Angie's list.

Stand by for UCSC update.