Saturday, March 21, 2015

Woman Beaten to Death and Burned by Mob in Afghanistan

Hat tip Maggie's Notebook

-India Today

A woman who was accused of burning a Koran was beaten to death by a mob and her body burned this week. The action was defended by a local cleric and a police official.

Below (Truth Revolt) is a video of her beating. (Graphic)

Folks, there is nothing more we can do for this God-forsaken country.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

We shouldn't have tried.

We should have spent six months kicking butt, then left our gallant allies, the Northern Alliance, to take their turn looting the place, and gotten out.

Remember... our great success in Afghanistan was brought to you by Neo-Con philosophy in action.

Squid said...

So much for the religion of peace. Islam builds violence into their belief system and carries it out, everywhere.