Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sweden Prostrates Itself Before Saudi Arabia

Poor hapless Sweden. They just can't seem to get it right. At the risk of writing this piece backwards, here is what is running today in the Saudi English-language Arab News. It seems that the Swedish foreign minister, Margot Wallström, has ignited a diplomatic crisis between the countries over remarks she made that insulted the Kingdom's human rights record and judiciary.

It's serious, Folks. Riyadh has recalled its ambassador to Stockholm and the Swedish ambassador has been called in for a reprimand. Thank God he didn't get 40 lashes.

But if you are wondering exactly what it was that  Wallström said, you have to read below because apparently, the Saudi state media doesn't want that to be seen in the Kingdom. So we go to the Gatestone Institute for more details.The below article is written by Swedish politician Ingrid Carlqvist and Danish cartoonist Lars Hedegaard

So now Sweden and Ms. Wallström have donned sackcloth and ashes in a desperate attempt to repair relations with the Saudi and the Arab world-not to mention Sweden's own restive Muslim population, which could break out in riots over any excuse. So far, they yet to call in Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

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